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Aeneas Bearing Anchises from Troy, by Carle van Loo, 1729Anchisa "The Dardanian" of  Troy - Prince of Troy

    Birth 1275 BCE
    Death 1180 BCE

Old Map of Troy

Aeneas'_Flight_from_Troy_by_Federico_BarocciAeneus Latium
    Birth About 1245 BCE in Latium

In Greco-Roman mythology, Aeneas (pron.: /ɪˈniːəs/; Greek: Αἰνείας, Aineías, possibly derived from Greek αἰνή meaning "praise") was a Trojan hero, the son of the prince Anchises and the goddess Aphrodite. His father was the second cousin of King Priam of Troy, making Aeneas Priam's second cousin, once removed. He is a character in Greek mythology and is mentioned in Homer's Iliad, and receives full treatment in Roman mythology as the legendary founder of what would become Ancient Rome, most extensively in Virgil's Aeneid.

          Aeneas' Flight from burning Troy - by Federico Barocci

Iulus (Julus) Ascanius Ap Aeneus - King of Alba Longa, King di Italia
    Birth 1200 BCE in Troy, Asia Minor

Ascanius is a legendary king of Alba Longa and is the son of the Trojan hero Aeneas. He is a character in Roman mythology, and has a divine lineage, being the son of Aeneas, who is son of goddess Venus and the hero Anchises, a relative of the king Priam; thus Ascanius has divine ascendents by both parents, being descendant of god Jupiter, his wife Juno and Dardanus. He is also an ancestor of Romulus, Remus and the Gens Julia. Together with his father, he is a major character in the Aeneid, and he is depicted as one of founders of the Roman race.

According to the accounts of Dionysius of Halicarnassus, the kings of Alba Longa gave a direct line of descent between Ascanius and Romulus.

Silvius "Selys Hen" Ap Iulus Ascanius - Prince of Alba Longa
    Birth 1170 BCE in Rome 

SILVIUS (Selys Hen) APIULUS Prince Alba Longa married UNKNOWN. He was involved in a secret love-affair with a certain niece of Lavinia's; he married here and made her pregnant. When this came to the knowledge of his father Karl_Bodmer_New_Harmony_1832_-_1833Ascanius, the latter ordered his soothsayers to discover the sex of the child which the girl had conceived. As soon as they had made sure of the truth of the matter, the soothsayers said that she would give birth to a boy, who would cause the death of both his father and his mother; and that after he had wandered in exile through many lands this boy would eventually rise to the highest honour. The soothsayers were not wrong in their forecast. When the day came for her to have her child, the mother bore a son and died in childbirth. The boy was handed over to the midwife and was given the name Brutus.

Brutus Hen Ap Sylvius "Selys" - King of Britons
    Birth 1150 BCE in Alba Longa

Through genealogical research data some legends can become historical figures or at least legends with
sound factual basis. Brutus of Troy is one such legend.

He is a direct descendant of Trojan Aeneas and the Romans banished him from Rome when he was a teen
 after he accidentally killed his father with an arrow.

-Coat_of_arms_of_GreeceHe went to Greece and formed a sizable army of Trojan warriors whom he had personally liberated from Greek enslavement. After reaching sizable numbers, he and his army sailed to Gaul to begin a campaign of plunder and conquest.

Several years later, the Goddess Diana came to him in his sleep one night to show him his new kingdom and how to get there. He and his army presently sailed to Briton and up the Thames River. Having conquered the entire island, Brutus renames the island after himself and becomes its first king. Corineus becomes ruler of Cornwall, which is named after him. They are harassed by the giants during a festival, but kill all of them but their leader, the largest giant Goemagot, who is saved for a wrestling match against Corineus. Corineus throws him over a cliff to his death. Brutus then founds a city on the banks of the River Thames, which he calls Troia Nova, or New Troy.

The name is in time corrupted to Trinovantum, and the city is later called London. He creates laws for his people
and rules for twenty-four years. After his death he is buried in Trinovantum, and the island is divided between his
three sons, Locrinus (England), Albanactus (Scotland) and Kamber (Wales).

Locrinus Ap Brutus Hen - King of Britons
    Birth 1110 BCE in Britain

Locrinus was a legendary king of the Britons, as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the oldest son of Brutus
and a descendant of the Trojans through Aeneas. Following Brutus's death, Britain was divided amongst the three sons,
with Locrinus receiving the portion roughly equivalent to England, Albanactus receiving Scotland (Albany), and Kamber
receiving Wales (Cymru). He ruled a portion of Britain called Loegria, named after him, which is roughly the boundaries
of modern-day England. He reigned 10 years, most of which were peaceful.

-  Madog Ap Locrinus - King of Britons
    Birth About 1070 in Britain

-  Mymbyr Ap Madog - King of Britons
    Birth About 1030 BCE in Britain

Efrog Gadarn Ap Mymbyr - King of Britons
Birth About 1010 BCE in Britain

Ebraucus (Welsh: Efrawg/Efrog) was a legendary king of the Britons, as recounted by Geoffrey of Monmouth. He was the son of King Mempricius before he abandoned the family.

Following the death of his father, Mempricius, he became king and reigned 39 years. According to Geoffrey he was admired, tall, and remarkably strong. He was the first to wage war on the Gauls since the time of Brutus. By pillaging the cities and shores and slaughtering many men, he became extremely wealthy and enriched the lands of Britain. He founded Kaerebrauc (City of Ebraucus) (later York) north of the Humber, (see Eboracum) and Alclud in Albany, (see Dunbarton, capital of Strathclyde). He had twenty wives who produced twenty sons and thirty daughters. All his daughters he sent to his cousin Silvius Alba in Alba Longa (Italy) to be married to the other Trojan descendants. Except for Brutus Greenshield, all of Ebraucus's sons, led by Assaracus, went to Germany, creating a kingdom there. Brutus thus succeeded Ebraucus upon his death.

-  Brutus Darianlas Ap Efrog Gadarn - King of Britons
    Birth 990 BCE in Italy

-  Cymryw "Camber" Ap Brutus Darianlas - Duke of Cambria
    Birth 960 BCE in Cambria

-  Gorbonian Ap Cymryw - "Camer" Dux of Cambria and Cornwall
    Birth About 920 BCE in Cambria

-  Dyfenwal Ap Gorbonian - Dux of Cambria and Cornwall
    Birth About 880 BCE

-  Cyngen Ap Dyfnwal Hen Dux of Cambria and Cornwall
Birth About 840 BCE in Cambria

-  Asser Ap Cyngen - Duke Of Cambria And Cornwall
Birth About 800 BCE in Cambria

-  Bleiddud Cyngen Ap Asser - Duke of Cambria and Cornwall
Birth About 773 BCE in Cambria

-  Henwyn Ap Bleiddud - Duke of Cambria and Cornwall
Birth About 743 BCE in Cambria

King in Britain 855–852 BC 2

Henwinus, Henwyn Dux Cambria & Cornwall
Henwyn married Regau ferch LLYR, daughter of Leir King of Breton

-  Cunedda Ap Henwyn - King of Britons
Birth About 688 BCE in Cambria

-  King Rhiwallon Ap Cunneda King of Britons
Birth About 628 BCE in Cambria

-  Gwrwst Ap Rhiwallon - King of Britons
Birth About 573 BCE in Cambria

-  Seisyll AP GWRWST - King of Britain
Birth: ABT 0558 BC in Britain
ALIA: Serwyl Gwerwst
Children: Antonius AP SEISYLL Duke of Cornwall b: ABT 0508 BC in Britain

-  Antonius AP SEISYLL - Duke of Cornwall
Birth: ABT 0508 BC in Britain
ALIA: Antonius the Cambrian
Children:  Aedd Mawr AP ANTONIUS Duke of Cornwall b: ABT 0458 BC in Britain

-  Aedd Mawr AP ANTONIUS - Duke of Cornwall
Birth: ABT 0458 BC in Britain
ALIA: Aedd the Cambrian
Children: Prydain AP AEDD Duke of Cornwall b: ABT 0408 BC in Britain

-  Prydain AP AEDD - Duke of Cornwall
Birth: ABT 0408 BC in Britain
Children: Children Dyfnarth AP PRYDAIN Duke of Cornwall b: ABT 0358 BC in Britain

Duke of Cornwall
Some folkloric histories of the British Isles, such as Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain (1136),
claim that the first leader of Cornwall was Corineus, a Trojan warrior and ally of Brutus of Troy,
the original settler of the British Isles.

-  Dyfnarth AP PRYDAIN - Duke of Cornwall
Birth: ABT 0358 BC in Britain
ALIA: Cyfnarth, Dynarth
Children: Crydon AP DYFNARTH b: ABT 0308 BC in Britain

Birth: ABT 0308 BC in Britain
ALIA: Crydon the Cambrian, Cyfnarth, Dynarth
Children: Cerwyd AP CRYDON b: ABT 0258 BC in Britain

Cerwyd AP CRYDON  - King of the Druids
Birth: ABT 0258 BC in Britain
ALIA: Cerwydr
Children: Eneid AP CERWYD King of the Druids b: ABT 0160 BC in Britain

Eneid Capuir ap Cerwyd - King of the Druids
Birth: ABT 0160 BC in Britain
Note: some records show DOB abt 0208 BC
Death: ABT 0092 BC
ALIA: Capoir
Children: Manogan AP ENEID King of the Druids b: ABT 0135 BC in Britain

Manogan AP ENEID - Druid King of Britons, THE KING OF ENGLAND FATHER, King of Britons, King of the Druids
Birth: ABT 0135 BC in Britain
Death: ABT 0072 BC
Children: Beli Mawr AP MANOGAN Sovereign Lord of Britain b: 0110 BC in Britain

Beli Mawr AP MANOGAN - Sovereign Lord of Britain

St Anna bint Heli Joseph of Arimathea

Birth: 0110 BC in Britain
Death: ABT 0072 BC
Occupation: Sovereign Lord of Celtic Britain
ALIA: The Great, The Blessed, Heli Belenos
Marriage 1 Don Anu VERCH MATHONWY b: ABT 0115 BC
Children: 1*: Lludd Llaw EREINT King of Britain b: ABT 0080 BC / 2:  Caswallon AP BELI


Early Welsh Genealogies show us that most of the Early British Monarchies claimed descent in one way or another from Beli Mawr (the Great) who can be identified with the Celtic God, Belenos. However, in his mortal form, Beli was said to have been the husband of Anna, the daughter of * St. Joseph of Arimathea.

Image: The Patricians -
St Anna bint Heli (Joseph of Arimathea)
(19 B.C. - 91 A.D.), Prophetess,
Wife of Druid King Beli Mawr of Britons

-  Llud Nodens Llaw Ereint "Silver-Handed" ap Beli, King of the Britons
Birth: ABT 0080 BC
Death: 0018
ALIA: Silver Handed, Nodens, Lud, Llud, Nudd, Nuadu, Nascients
Marriage 1 Anna CORNWALL b: ABT 0098 BC in Cornwall, Bodmin, England
1: Penardim VERCH LLUDD b: ABT 0064 BC in Cornwall, Bodmin, England
2*: Tenantius AP LLUDD King of Siluria b: ABT 0059 BC
3: Mandubratius AP LLUDD b: ABT 0057 BC
4: Afallach AP LLUDD b: ABT 0045 BC
5: Creiddylad VERCH LLUDD b: ABT 0035 BC

-  Tenantius AP LLUDD - King of Siluria
Birth: ABT 0059 BC
Death: 0026 BC
Occupation: King of Siluria, King of Britain
ALIA: Tasciovanus, Tenefan, Tenuantius, Theomantius
Note: Note: (1) Acceded King of Britain 0048 BC
Children: 1: Cymbeline PENDRAGON King of Siluria b: ABT 0044 BC /  2: Epaticcus AP LLUDD

-  Cymbeline (Cynvelin ) "Pendragon", King of all Britain - King of Siluria
Birth: ABT 0044 BC
Death: 0017
Occupation: King of Siluria, King of Camulod, King of Britain
ALIA: Cunobelinus, Cynvelin, Cunobelin
Note: Note: (1) Acceded King of Britain 0024 BC
Children: +  Arviragus GWENIVYTH King of Siluria b: 0010 in Isle of Avalon (5 other sibblings)

Arviragus GWENIVYTH - King of Siluria

Birth: Abt 0030 Ad in Avalon, Britain
Death: 0074
ALIA: Avigarus Gweirydd
Marriage 1 Genuissa Claudia JULIA Queen of Siluria b: ABT 0015
Children: Meurig AP ARVIRAGUS King of Siluria b: 0074 in Britain

Reigned 44 Ad-74 Ad.
Lived In Avalon (Glastonbury).
74 Ad

The Mammouth Book of British Kings and Queens by Mike Ashley: page 76:

"Only one classical reference exists to Arviragus and that is in a poem by Juvenal which calls Arviragus a "Black Bull", probably meaning his strength and his dark flowing hair, as he rode his chariot recklessly through the Roman streets terrifying Nero.  There is a strong Welsh belief that Arviragus, or Gweirydd, was the king of the Silures who joined forces with Caratacus (possibly his brother) against the Romans.  He was captured alongside the Catuvellaunian chief and taken to Rome where he was also pardoned.  Tradition states that Arviragus returned to Wales and established the royal line from which King Arthur was descended.  Arviragus is treated as the king who welcomed Joseph of Arimathea to Britain in about 63 and granted him land at Glastonbury for his church.  The date of 67 has been assigned to his death on the basis of the Welsh genealogies.  Geoffrey of Monmouth extends the independence of Arviragus, making him a tribute-paying king who marries the daughter of the Emperor Claudius.  Through the friendship of Claudius, Arviragus is installed as ruler of Britain and the city of Glouchester is built.  Arviragus later defends Britain from an invastion by Vespasian and dies in old age, much loved and honoured.  According to Geoffrey he was succeeded by his son Marius."

-  Meurig AP ARVIRAGUS - King of Siluria
Birth: Abt 0060 in Camulod (now Colchester), Boudicca (now Essex), Britian
Death: 0125
Occupation: King of Siluria and Britons, Keeper of the Holy Grail
ALIA: Marius, Marius Cyllin of Britain

Name Suffix: High King of Britain
AKA: Marius, Emeurig, Y-Veurig
REIGNED: King of Britain (74 - 125)

In his youth he was carried captive to Rome with his father and baptized by the pope. "Marius died A.D. 125. His remarkably long ancestry has been preserved in the ancient Welsh records.
Marius (Meric), King of Britain A.D. 74, died A.D. 125, married Princess Julia, daughter of Prasutagus, a Druid, King of the Icenians, who died A.D. 61, and his wife, Queen Boadecia, who died A.D. 62


Other Sources:

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FILE: Royal Line (Adamic Genealogy) March 1980, Albert F. Schmuhl; Peter GrardGentala

Marriage 1 Victoria VERCH PRASUTAGUS
Children: 1*: Coel AP MEURIG I, King of Britain b: ABT 0100 in Colchester, England / 2: Eurgen AP MEURIG

-  Coel AP MEURIG I - King of Britain
Birth: ABT 0100 in Colchester, England
Death: 0175
Occupation: King of Britain, Prince of Camulod, King of Siluria, King of Colchester, Keeper of the Holy Grail
Title: Bloodline of the Holy Grail; the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed.  Author: Laurence Gardner - Publication: Element Books, 1996 Page: p 197.

ALIA: "Old King" Coel, Coelis, Colius

Coel (Coilus) I Godhebog "the Magnificent", King of Britain
"Old King Cole was a Merry Old Soul" of Nursery Rhyme fame known in other histories as Coel Hen Godhebog, Coel founded the city of Colchester that still bears his name (Kaercolim). His daughter, Helen, was married to Constantius, a Roman Senator, who was sent to Britain as legate. He became king on Coel's death. Coel was a British King, whose capital was Colchester. He married his daughter Helena to a Roman general and she subsequently became mother to the Emperor Constantine and was subsequently declared as saint for her work in spreading Christianity. Presumably Coel's good humour relates to the peace his daughter's marriage brought to his kingdom

Marriage 1 VERCH CYLLIN b: ABT 0105
Children: 1: Althildis AP MEURIG b: ABT 0123 in Britain
2*  Lleiffer (Lucius) MAWR King of Britain b: ABT 0130 in Britain

Lleiffer (Lucius) MAWR - King of Britain



There is no contemporary evidence for a king of this name, and modern scholars believe that his appearance in the Liber Pontificalis is the result of a scribal error.  However, for centuries the story of this "first Christian king" was  widely believed, especially in Britain, where it was considered an  accurate account of Christianity among the early Britons. During the English Reformation, the Lucius story was used in polemics by both Catholics and Protestants; Catholics considered it evidence of papal supremacy from a very early date, while Protestants used it to bolster  claims of the primacy of a British national church founded by the crown

Birth: ABT 0130 in Britain
Death: 3 DEC 0201 in St. Mary le Lod, Gloucestershire, England
Note: some records show DOE 22 Aug 0139
ALIA: Good King Lucius, Lleuver, "the Blessed", "the Great Blessed"
Note: (1) known as Good King Lucius
(2) research Arviragus and the Julian gens
Marriage 1 Gladys VERCH EURGEN
Children: + Flavius Aurelius VALERIUS CHLORUS Emperor of Rome b: in Britain



York is one of the most historic cities in England, and lies in North Yorkshire region. The city was first established by Romans as Eboracum, who founded the city on the River Ouse. since then, the city has turned out to play a major role in the politics of the country. York is now a popular tourist destination and is the second most visited city in England


Flavius Aurelius VALERIUS CHLORUSFlavius Aurelius VALERIUS CHLORUS - Emperor of Rome

Birth: in Britain
Note: some records show DOB 0242

Death: 25 JUL 0306 in Eboracum, York, England

Occupation: Governor of Dalmatia, Caesar over Gaul and Britain, Keeper of the Holy Grail
ALIA: Constantius I, "the Pale Emperor", Constantius Chlorus

Note: Note: (1) Acceded 0293

Marriage 1 Helena (Elaine) VERCH COEL
Empress of Rome b: 0248 in Bythnia, Byzantium Empire, Greece

Children: Flavius Valerius CONSTANTINUS Emperor of Rome
b: 27 FEB 0272 in Naissus, Moesia, Illyricum

Gold Coin: Roman emperor Constantius I capturing London after defeating Allectus, illustrated on a gold medal/coin from the Beaurains hoard). Issued by Constantine the Great.

Panoramic view from the observation deck of the Galata Tower during the late Ottoman period

ConstantineThe GreatFlavius Valerius CONSTANTINUS - Emperor of Rome
Birth: 27 FEB 0272 in Naissus, Moesia, Illyricum
Baptism: 22 MAY 0337
Death: MAY 0337 in Constantinople, Byzantium Empire, Turkey

Burial: 0337 Constantinople, Byzantium Empire, Turkey
Note: Buried Church of the Holy Apostles
Occupation: Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Flavius Valerius CONSTANTINUS2ALIA: Constantine I, Constantine the Great
Note: (1) Acceded 0306
(2) First Roman ruler to be converted to Christianity

Marriage 1 Flavia FAUSTA b: 0289
Children: + Macsen WLEDIG Duke of Brittanica b: ABT 0318 in Rome, Italy


 Macsen WLEDIG - Duke of Brittanica

Magnus MaximusMagnus Maximus by Peter Kessler
Because of his role in founding so many eventual British kingdoms, he is forever remembered in their royal pedigrees, and his legendary story forms part of The Mabinogion.

Birth: ABT 0318 in Rome, Italy
Death: ABT 0388
ALIA: Magnus Maximus, Magnus Maximianus, Magnus MaximiamI

Marriage 1 Ceindrech VERCH RHEIDEN b: ABT 0328
Children:  Annun Macsen AP WLEDIG
Emperor of Rome b: 0340 in Spain

Roman-Royality-  Annun Macsen AP WLEDIG - Emperor of Rome
Birth: 0340 in Spain
ALIA: Magnus Maximus, The Imperator
Marriage 1 Elen LWYDDOG of the Host b: ABT 0342 in Britain
Children: Anwn (Dynod Dyfed) AP MACSEN b: ABT 0355

-  Anwn ( AP MACSEN
Birth: ABT 0355
Children: Ednyfed AP DYNOD King of Dyfed b: ABT 0372 in Wales

-  Ednyfed AP DYNOD - King of Dyfed
Birth: ABT 0372 in Wales
Occupation: King of Dyfed and Cantref Gwaelod

**  Cantre'r Gwaelod, also known as Cantref Gwaelod or Cantref y Gwaelod (English: The Lowland Hundred), is a legendary ancient sunken kingdom said to have occupied a tract of fertile land lying between Ramsey Island and Bardsey Island in what is now Cardigan Bay to the west of Wales. It has been described as a "Welsh Atlantis" and has featured in folklore, literature and song.


Photo Credit: by Richerman - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

Children: Dyfnwal (Tudwal) AP EDNYFED b: ABT 0390 in Wales

-  Dyfnwal (Tudwal) AP EDNYFED
Birth: ABT 0390 in Wales
Children: Llyr Mereni (Ynyr Gwent) AP DYFNWAL King of Gwent b: ABT 0430

-  Llyr Mereni (Ynyr Gwent) AP DYFNWAL - King of Gwent
Birth: ABT 0430
ALIA: King Lear
Marriage 1 Tywanwedd VERCH AMLAWDD b: ABT 0456 / Married: ABT 0471
Children: Caradog Freichfras AP LLYR MERENI King of Gwent b: ABT 0473

Caradog Freichfras AP LLYR MERENI - King of Gwent

Birth: ABT 0473
Marriage 1 Tegau Eurfron VERCH PELLINORE b: ABT 0476
Children: Gwgon Gleddyfrudd AP CARADOG

-  Gwgon Gleddyfrudd AP CARADOG
Death: AFT 0616
Children: Glannog AP GWGON

-  Glannog AP GWGON
Children: Helig Foel AP GLANNOG

-  Helig Foel AP GLANNOG
Children: Rhychwin FARFOG

-  Rhychwin FARFOG
Children: Cynwas AP RHYCHWIN

Children: Garannog Glewddigar AP CYNWAS

-  Garannog Glewddigar AP CYNWAS
Children: Geraint Garannog AP GLEWDDIGAR

-  Geraint Garannog AP GLEWDDIGAR
Children: Gwyddno AP GERAINT

-  Gwyddno AP GERAINT
Children: Sandde AP GWYDDNO

-  Sandde AP GWYDDNO
Children: Pyll AP SANDDE

Children: Einydd Bach AP PYLL

-  Einydd Bach AP PYLL
Children: Ednywain Einydd AP BACH

Medieval art

- Ednywain Einydd AP BACH
Children: Seisyll AP EDNYWAIN b: 0938

Birth: 0938
Death: 1030
Surnames: "Cecil", "Seysyll", "Cyssel", "Sysylt", "Sitsilt", "Seisyllt"
Marriage 1 Prawst VERCH ELISEG b: 0949 in Gwynedd, Wales
Children: Llywelyn AP SEISYLL Prince of Wales b: ABT 0980 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales

Llywelyn AP SEISYLL - Prince of Wales

Birth: ABT 0980 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Death: 1023
Occupation: King of Gwynedd and Deheubarth, Prince of Wales
Marriage 1
Angharad VERCH MAREDUDD Queen of Powys b: ABT 0982 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Married: 1010
Children: Gruffydd AP LLYWELYN Ruler of Wales b: 1013 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales

Dolbadarn Castle Llanberis GwyneddLlywelyn ap Seisyll (died 1023) was a King of Gwynedd and of Deheubarth in north-west and south-west Wales, also called King of the Britons by the Annals of Ulster. Also called Llywelyn ap Seisyllt

Little is known about Llywelyn's father Seisyll, who may not have been of Royal blood. According to some genealogies Siesyll and his son Llywelyn were associated with * Rhuddlan, perhaps originally as lords of the Rhuddlan commote in Rhos.[1] Llywelyn's wife Angharad was the daughter of Maredydd ab Owain, who ruled much of both northern and southern Wales for a period.
Military successes: Llywelyn won control of Gwynedd in 1018 when he defeated Aeddan ap Blegywryd in battle, killing him and his four sons. He later gained control of Deheubarth, defeating Rhain, an Irish pretender who claimed to be the son of Maredudd ab Owain, at Abergwili in 1022.

According to the annals in Brut y Tywysogion, Llywelyn's reign was a period of prosperity, "there was no one needy in his realm, and there was no town empty or deserted". His reign was cut short by his premature death in 1023.

Succession: His son, Gruffydd ap Llywelyn, though still a youth when his father died, was later able to gain control of almost the whole of Wales

Gruffydd AP LLYWELYN - Ruler of Wales (The last of a long line of paramount rulers)

Birth: 1013 in Rhuddlan, Flintshire, Wales
Death: 5 AUG 1063
Note: some records show DOE as 1054
King of Gwynedd and Powys, Ruler of Wales
ALIA: Griffith
Cause: Killed by his own men for fighting against Harold Godwineson, King III of England
Marriage: Edith "Swan Neck" of MERCIA 1025-1086
Children: Urgeny AP GRUFFYDD b: 1032

Gruffydd + AP LLEWELYN

Gruffydd ap Llywelyn (c. 1007 – 1063/1064) was the ruler of all Wales from 1055
until his death, the only Welsh monarch able to make this boast.

Called King of the Britons in the Annals of Ulster and Brut y Tywysogion, he was
great-great-grandson to Hywel Dda and King Cadell ap Rhodri of Deheubarth.

Birth: 1032
Death: 1079
Parents: Gruffydd Ap Llewellyn Of WALES, Prince of Wales ca 1000-1063 / Edith "Swan Neck" Of MERCIA 1025-1086
Children: Robert SYSYLT b: 1054 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England

-  Robert SYSYLT
Birth: 1054 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England
ALIA: Robert ap Urgeny
Children: James CYSSEL Baron of Beaufort b: 1076 in Castle of Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales

-  James CYSSEL - Baron of Beaufort
Birth: 1076 in Castle of Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales
Children: John CYSSEL b: 1098 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England

-  John CYSSEL
Birth: 1098 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England
Marriage 1 Maud DE FRENES b: 1100 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England
Married: 1118 in Monmouthshire, England
Children: Eustace CYSSEL b: 1120 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England

-  Eustace CYSSEL
Birth: 1120 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England
Marriage 1 Elenor PEMBRIDGE b: 1122 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England
Married: 1140
Children: Baldwin CYSSEL b: 1150 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England

-  Baldwin CYSSEL
Birth: 1150 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England
Death: 1220 in Castle of Cardiff, Glamorgan, South Wales
First Marriage:  Maud DE BRAMPTON b: 1156 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England
Children: Gerald CYSSEL b: 1190

Second Marrigae: Margaret RADNOR b: 1153 in Beaufort, Lincolnshire, England

-  Gerald CYSSEL
Marriage Mabel le Moigne b: 1197 / Married: 1220
Children: Robert CYSSEL b: 1230

-  Robert CYSSEL
Prefix: Sir
Birth: 1230
Marriage Alice DE TREGOZ b: 1231 in Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England / Married: 1247 in Ewyas Harold, Herefordshire, England
Children:  John CYSSEL b: 1248

-  John CYSSEL
Birth: 1248
Marriage Isabel DE KNELL b: 1252 in Alt Yr Ynyc, Walterstone, Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, England / Married: 1269
Children: John CYSSEL II b: 1270

-  John Kneel Cecil (son of John Cecil and Isabel Knell) was born Abt. 1270, and died date unknown.
Married Alice Baskerville.
AKA (Facts Pg): John Kneel Cyssell.
Children of John Kneel Cecil and Alice Baskerville are:  +John Baskerville Cecil, b. Abt. 1300, d. date unknown.

-  John Baskerville Cecil (son of John Kneel Cecil and Alice Baskerville) was born Abt. 1300, and died date unknown.
Married Joan Monnington  on Abt. 1328.
AKA (Facts Pg): John Baskerville Cyssell.
Children of John Baskerville Cecil and Joan Monnington are:  +Thomas Cecil, b. 1335, in of Alterymnes, d. date unknown.

-  Thomas Cecil (son of John Baskerville Cecil and Joan Monnington) was born 1335 in in of Alterymnes, and died date unknown.
Married Margaret de Winston on Abt. 1354.
Includes Notes for Thomas Cecil: Title:Sir
AKA (Facts Pg): Thomas Cyssell / Sir Knight.
Children of Thomas Cecil and Margaret de Winston are:  +Richard Cecil, b. Abt. 1370, Stamford, England, d. date unknown.

-  Richard Cecil (son of Thomas Cecil and Margaret de Winston) was born Abt. 1370 in Stamford, England, and died date unknown.
Married Margaret Phillips on Abt. 1390.
Children of Richard Cecil and Margaret Phillips are:
+Phillip Cecil, b. Abt. 1400, Burleigh, Glouchester, England, d. date unknown.

-  Phillip Cecil (son of Richard Cecil and Margaret Phillips) was born Abt. 1400 in Burleigh, Glouchester, England, and died date
Married Maude Vaughn on 1430.
AKA (Facts Pg): Richard/ Phillip/ Cecil/ Cyssell/ Sir Knight.
Children of Phillip Cecil and Maude Vaughn are:
+David Cecil, b. Abt. 1455, Burghley, Stamford, England, d. September 14, 1535, England

David Cecil (son of Phillip Cecil and Maude Vaughn) was born Abt. 1455 in Burghley, Stamford, England, and died
September 14, 1535 in England. He married (1) Alice Dickens on Bet. 1486 - 1494. He married (2) Joan Roos on Abt. 1491.

Found spelling of Syssel / Cyssell for last name. Cecil is Old World Welch from a personal name Seisylff. Apparently a
mutilated form of the Latin name Sextillius, a derivative of Sextus, "Sixth".

The spelling modified by fold entomology association with Latin name of C (a) ecilius, a derivative of caecus, i.e.

The powerful English Cecil family first came to prominence with William Cecil, Lord Burghley, (1520 - 1598),
Elizabeth I's chief  advisor for 40 years. They were original minor Welch gentry. Their name is found in a variety
of forms, including Sitsylt,Ceyssell and Sisseld. David Cecil's grandfather of Lord Burghley, has espoused the
cause of Henry Tudor and came to the court in London after the latter became king in 1485. The Elizabethan
Lord Burghley's 2 sons both established noble houses.  Thomas (1542-1623) became Earl of Exeter. Robert
became Earl of Salisbury.  Omitted David's father: Don't know how to put it in. Richard Cyssell Cecil
b: bet. 1430-1447 d: aft. 1508 m: Margaret Children: 1 - Phillip Cecil b: bet.1444-1450 2 - David Cecil b: abt.1455

More About David Cecil:
Burial: Unknown, Sts. George & Paul Church, Stamford, Kesteven, Lincolnshire, England.

More About David Cecil and Alice Dickens:
Marriage: Bet. 1486 - 1494

More About David Cecil and Joan Roos:
Marriage: Abt. 1491

Children of David Cecil and Alice Dickens are:

    +Richard Cecil, b. 1495, Burleigh co Gloucester, England, d. March 15, 1552/53, St. Margaret's co Westmoreland, England.

Children of David Cecil and Joan Roos are:

Joan Cecil Cecil, b. Abt. 1494, Stamford, England, d. date unknown.

- Richard Cecil (son of David Cecil and Alice Dickens) was born 1495 in Burleigh co Gloucester, England, and died
March 15, 1552/53 in St.Margaret's co Westmoreland, England. He married Jane Heckington on 1520 in Linconshire, England.
Children of Richard Cecil and Jane Heckington are:   

+William Cecil, b. September 13, 1520, Burghley, Bourne, co
Lincolnshire, England, d. August 05, 1598, Burghley House, Strand Co. Middlesex, England.

William Cecil-Lord Burghley-PaintingWilliam Cecil (son of Richard Cecil and Jane Heckington) was born September 13, 1520 in Burghley, Bourne, co  Lincolnshire, England, and died August 05, 1598 in Burghley House, Strand Co. Middlesex, England.

He married (1) Mary Cheke on August 08, 1541 in Gray's Inn, London, England.
He married (2) Mildred Cooke on December 21, 1545 in England.

Includes Notes for William Cecil:

Knight of the Garter (kg) acceded 1572

Baron Burleigh

He was High Treasurer and Prime Minister of England. He was
Elizabeth I's chief minister until the day of his death. With his father's help he became an MP and a justice of the peace. At 27 he became Master of the Requests to Edward VI, he was knighted shortly afterward. He retired to the country during the reign of Mary Tudor. He was a womanizer and Haaland frequent liaisons 1571 Elizabeth I created him Lord Burghley, a year later, Knight of the Garter and Lord Treasurer.

Lord Burghley conducted what amounted to a school for young noblemen at his estate, partly to educate and partly to build the governing class and strengthen Elizabeth I. He was the founder of the Cecil dynasty which has produced many politicians including two Prime Ministers.

From Michael David Smart: "Sixty Old Master paintings drawn from the collection of one of England's grandest Elizabethan houses came to Lakeview museum in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Paintings, Paintings from the Burghley House Collection... This outstanding collection of 16th - 18th century paintings has remained near intact for more than 300 years at Burghley House, a 750 room house located 90 miles from London and home to 17 generations of the Cecil family. The house is the oldest home in England still lived in continuously by the same family.

Burghley House was finished in 1587 for Sir William Cecil... Though the interior was remodeled in the 1690's the house remains the finest example of late 16th century architecture in England.

Children of William Cecil and Mary Cheke are: +Thomas Cheke Cecil, b. May 05, 1542, Cambridge, England, d.
February 07, 1621/22, London.  England/ Burghley House

 Thomas Cheke Cecil

Son of William Cecil and Mary Cheke - born May 05, 1542 in Cambridge, England, and died February 07, 1621/22 in London. England/ Burghley House. He married (1) Dorothy Neville on 1564 in York Co. England, daughter of John Neville and Lucy Somerset. He married (2) Frances Elizabeth Brydges on 1610 in Cambridge, England.

Thomas_Cecil,_1st_Earl_of_Exeter_from_NPG Includes Notes for Thomas Cheke Cecil:

1st Earl of Exeter Acceded 4 May 1605
Known as Lord Burghley from 1598 to 1605, was an English politician and soldier.

Thomas Cheke Cecil went abroad for a year at age 19. He was " healthy, lazy and amiable without much of a brain and intent on mainly girls and sports." Thomas Ckeke Cecil did manage to settle down respectably and became Earl of Exeter. It appears that the Cecil's who immigrated to America are mostly from this line. Cecil was educated privately and at Trinity College, Cambridge.

Children of Thomas Cheke Cecil and Dorothy Neville are:  +Thomas Cecil, b. December 30, 1578, St. Martin's in the Field,
England, d. December 03, 1662, Stamford, England

Thomas Cecil, Knight
Birthplace: Burghley, Stamford, Northamptonshire, England
Death: December 3, 1662 in Burghley, Stamford, Lincolnshire, England
Place of Burial: St Martins, Burghley, Lincolnshire, England

Son of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter and Dorothy Cecil
Husband of Anne Lee and Susan Oxenbridge

Engraver - made the 1st map of Maryland.  Painted portraits of Queen Elizabeth I & King Henry VIII

Children of Thomas Cecil and Susan Oxenbridge are:  +John Baptist Cecil, b. Abt. 1638, England, d. Abt. May 1698,
St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

ST. Mary's Church Kings of England

The Kings of England
One of the great wonders of St.Mary's church, the chancel ceiling is made up of 40 panels depicting the Kings of England and a few legendary monarchs like Brutus, Ebraucus and Lud. Each with a scroll bearing the name of the King, length of his reign and place of his burial, including the (then) reigning monarch Henry VI with an inscription recording that the ceiling was painted in the 23rd year of his reign ..... 1445. It was restored in 1863 and again in 1939 when the image of George VI was substituted for the legendary monarch Lochrine.

 John Baptist Cecil (son of Thomas Cecil and Susan Oxenbridge) was born Abt. 1638 in England, and died Abt. May 1698 in St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

St. Mary's Co MDHe married (1) Mary Calvert on Abt. May 1660. He married (2) Mary Shircliffe on Abt. 1669 in St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

 Includes Notes for John Baptist Cecil:

The Immigrant Was a Gunsmith

1658 immigrated? or was he the transportation? in 1665 to either Barbados
or Maryland from Wales, England

Religion: Roman Catholic.

Event: Land White Acres, 150A, Long Neck 100A
Event: Fact owned the Ship Martha Constant

A Journey Through Time - "Founding of Maryland, A Timeline

“1632: George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore was posthumously granted a part of Virginia by King Charles I.
This included all of what are now Maryland, Delaware, and the southern part of Pennsylvania.
This grant amounted to about seven million acres.

1632-1633: Cecil Calvert, second Lord Baltimore, designated his younger brother Leonard Calvert
as governor of the new colony.”

Notes for Mary Calvert: Born 1635
Mother: Grace Myers
Born: Yorkshire, England

Father: John Calvert -
Born: Moorsham, Yorkshire, England
John's Father: Leonard Calvert
Born: 1550 ,Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England / Died 1611 Swale, Yorkshire, England
Occupation: Country gentleman who owned land and raised cattle.

John's Mother: Alicia Grace Crossland, born 1587, Lurgan, Armagh, Ireland

NOTE: Leonard and Alicia Calvert are parents to Sir George (Lord Baltimore) Calvert,
 born 1579 Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England / died 1632 London, London, England.

NOTES:  Leonard's Father: John Calvert, born 1525 Bolton,, Yorkshire, England and died 1566 Yorkshire, England.
Leonard's Mother: Dorothy Leonard, born 1527 Herstmonceux Castle, Sussex, England and died 1611 Bolton Castle,
Yorkshire, England.

Married Mary Calvert born ABT 1635 in England and died BET 1667 AND 1669 in Saint Marys, Mary.

She was the daughter of John Calvert and Grace Myers.
Birth: BET 1587 AND 1588 in Great Moorsham, Skelton, Yorkshire, England
Death: in Movaverty, Drumgorr, Ireland 1
Event: Immigrated BEF 1617 immigrated fm Yorkshire to Lurga, Armagh, Ireland

John and family had a sailing vessel called the "Martha Constant" that plyed between Barbados Colony and the
Maryland Colony, plus visits to Nevis, Virgin Islands. Some of these sailings could have been made for the
transport of indentured servants.  Barbados dated from 1627 with the British, Maryland dated 1632 and Nevis
dated from 1627-28 with the British. 
From Karen Salisbury: In Colonial Settlers of St. Clement's Bay 1734-1780, St. Mary's County, Md, by Mary Louise Donnelly,
Will: Probated 16 June 1698, Appraised 26 July 1698, ...Ship Martha Constant...

He had a minimum of 550 acres of property. The home place was on "Poplar Neck" where they lived with the residence

John Calvert's father:
Father: Leonard * CALVERT b: BET 1548 AND 1550 in Danby Wiske, Yorkshire, England
Mother: Alicia * CROSLAND b: 1557 in Crossland Hill, Yorkshire, England

More About Leonard Calvert:
Fact 7: Member of Flemish family long settled in Yorkshire, England.

Children of John Baptist Cecil and Mary Calvert are:
+William Cecil, b. Abt. 1662, St. Mary's Co. Maryland, d. Abt. October 1744, St. Mary's Co. Maryland.

- William * CISSELL
ALIA: William Sessell /Cecil/
Title: Sr.
Birth: ABT 1662 in St. Mary's Co, MD
Death: BEF 28 NOV 1744 in St. Mary's Co, MD 1
Occupation: a planter
Religion: Catholic
Event: Land White Acres, 50A
Marrried Elizabeth Bullock,  BET 1722.

By his marriage to Catherine Joyner he came into possession of 100 acres of "Scotland".
William married secondly Elizabeth Bullock .

21:382). William acquired an additional 100 acres of "Scotland" which ws resurveyed for him on 12/10/1714 and patented to
him on 9/10/1716. William Cissell, a planter, wrote his will 22 Jun 1742 and was admitted to probate on 28 Nov 1744.(24:2-4)
To his son Arthur he left 100 acres of "Scotland", and to his granddaughter Elinor (daughter of Arthur) he left the land between
Arthur's plantation and where John Harden now lives.

* To his son Luke he left the other part of "Scotland", 50 acres he had obtained by "Judgement in Chancery".
* He left his daughters Margaret Thompson and Ann Edwards the plantations where they were living.
* To his son Matthew he left the plantation where he was living, which was 50 acres of "White Acres", William had inherited
from his father, plus Clare his wife he left a shilling.
* To his daughter Elizabeth, the wife of Charles Payne, he left the land between William Cissell's and Ann Edward's, deeded from
her brother William Cissell's land.
* To his daughter Clare Barton he left one acre now in possession of William Cissell's son John.
* To his daughter in law Elizabeth___, now married to Charles Neal, he left access to William Cissell's land.
His children were all named as his heirs.

William is mentioned in the will of his father, John Cissell, dated 28 April 1694.
Notes of March 1697/1698 as recorded in the annals of  PGC, MD, a William Cecil "by the request of my wife as she lay upon
her deathbed " disposed of his children John, age 7, Phillip, age 5, ans Susan, age 2, to Mareen Duval (the Elder) and his wife.
May be a diffent William-as it is, there seems to be no real agreement on which children belonged to which wife.
Appears property was received from his half brothers Richard Cecil and Robert Cecil, of 100 acres, since they both had
died young if had come to him, ref: Elise Greenup Jordan, Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 1.

This land called Scotland was first granted to Mathias O'Bryan!
Bryan, Matthias Scotland, 100 ac. 1651
Head, Adam & Caecil, Scotland, 455 ac.* 1707
John Caecill, William Scotland, 100 ac. 1716
Cooper, Nathaniel, Jr. Part of Scotland, 151 ac. 1726
(Cert. in name of Nathaniel Cooper and Thomas Williams)

Arthur Cessell, born  BET 1687 Saint Marys, Maryland, married Mary Doyne born ABT 1704.
NOTE: He was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland. He received 100 acres of "Scotland" as a legacy from his father.
His daughter Elinor also received a small plot of land as her legacy from her grandfather's will.

Arthur wrote his will on 11/5/1737 (27:355). To his two sons, John and James, he left "land my father William has willed to me"
and a tract called "Scotland". His wife Mary was named as his executrix. The other children were named in the will of their
brother James. Mary administered the estate on 10/30/1750, valued at L113.07.07.
The next of kin on his inventory were his sons John and James

John Baptist Cissell:
 Birthdate: 1725
Birthplace: St Mary's County, Province of Maryland
Death: Died February 22, 1793 in Leonardstown, St. Mary's County, Maryland, United States
Immediate Family:

Son of Arthur Cissell and Mary Doyne-Cissell
Husband of Rebecca Cissell; Henrietta Cissell and Susannah Cissell
Father of Augustine Ethelbert Cissell; Anastasia Wheatley; Mary Thompson; James Cissell; Delbert Cissell; John Baptist Cissell; Ethelbert Cissell and Ignatius Cissell

Wife: Rebecca Cissell
Birthdate: estimated between 1690 and 1750
Death: (Date and location unknown)
Mother of Augustine Ethelbert Cissell

NOTE:  According to "Lampkin" this John Cissell had an elegant signature. Elsie Greenup Jourdan, in her book
"Early Families of Southern Maryland, Vol. 1. indicates this John Cissell married Susannah Thompson, and "inherited land
father inherited from his father and Scotland"; slaves from brother James, and request that he care for Monica Payne and
James Cissell's children until age 16. This indicates he must have had two families, and married Susannah when he was nearly 50.
Event: Land Scotland, land grandfather left father.

-  Augustine Ethelbert Cissell/Cecil
Born abt 1751 and died before 7 Dec 1816  in Washington Co, KY.

He married Elizabeth MATTINGLY, daughter of Thomas MATTINGLY and Elizabeth UNKNOWN.
He married Harriet RHODES 22 DEC 1816 in Washington Co, KY

1800s artDaughter of Benedict Rhodes and Eleanor Rhodes
Wife of Augustine Ethelbert Cissell
Mother of Augustine C. Cissell

Augustine Constantine CISSELL

Birth: ABT 1770 in SMC, MD
Death: 5 JUL 1833 in Holy Cross, Marion County, KY
FA2: 7 JUL 1853 Holy Cross, Marion County, KY
Occupation: Pilot (Ship's)
Burial: Holy Cross Cemetery, Marion Co, KY
Event: Immigrated 1801 immigrated to Washington Co, KY

Husband of Mary Frances
Father of Sylvester Cissell and Robert Aaron Cissell; Emanuel Cissell; Elizabeth Cissell; Juliann Cissell and 9 others.
Brother of Nancy Ann Cissell; William Cissell; Thomas Cissell; Zachariah Cissell; Zachariah Cissell and 4 others
Half brother of Sara Cissell; Thomas Cissell; Anna Nancy Cissell; Lydia Cissell; Robert Cissell and 22 others.

Sylvester (Cecil) Cissell
born abt 1795, Washington, KY
Son of Augustine Constantine Cissell and Mary Frances Cissell
Henrietta Hedric Medley, born Washington, KY
Father of Ignatius Constantine Cissell: Thomas Washington Cissell; Alexander Thomas Cissell; Ann Cecilia Cecil; Ann Savilla Cissell; Thomas W. Cissell
.  He married Henrietta Hedric Medley, born Washington, KY.

Henrietta’s father, Ignatius Medley, was a native of St. Mary's Co, MD immigrated to KY through Lexington, where for about three years he worked as a house carpenter, and laid the first tongue-and-groove floor ever put down in Lexington. Upon locating in Washington Co. he married Sarah, daughter of Charles & Mary Boone, and purchased a tract of land on Hardin's Creek known as the Rice Survey, upon which land he erected the first copper still ever operated in Washington Co. They raised their grandchildren in 1833 after daughter Henrietta Hedric Medley Cissell and her husband Sylvester Cissell died of cholera.

Henrietta’s grandparents, John and Elizabeth (Beaven) Boone, were considered well to do and from a line of family wealth. John was a Planter in Prince George County, Maryland.  They had a chapel built on their property, which was the first Catholic Church edifice erected in Maryland after the relaxation of the penal laws enacted by the Puritan Council in Annapolis, Maryland. The Chapel, built of wood construction, was known as Boone's Chapel, (in present day Rosaryville), Prince George's County, Maryland, 1710, for use of the Catholics in the area. Boone's Chapel was used until 1842 when time and weather deterioated the chapel. A large oak tree stands as a memorial of the historic chapel. There are remaining crosses and markers in the old cemetery. The present day Most Holy Rosary Parish and Catholic Church stands near its place and continues the spiritual mission of the historic Boone's Chapel.

"Near its (Boone Chapel) site 'at the Woodstock gate,' according to the Planter's Advocate of June 8, 1859, 'the corner stone of a new chapel was laid, which is to be built of wood and will be called Boone's Chapel. The church was dedicated 'with the Rev. N.D. Young officiating, assisted by the Rev. Kelly, Provincial of the Dominican Order from Ohio and Rev. Bochkle of St. Dominic's Church, Washington, D.C." "Across the Years - In Prince George's County, by Effie Gwynn Bowie (pg 345)

Rev. Msgr. Edward P. Mc Adams, then Pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Washington D.C., tells that the Boone Chapel served Catholics of Prince George's County, Maryland during the time of Arnold Livers (1705-ca 1767). "Catholic Review," 22 Dec 1944

Archbishop John Carroll was baptized in Boone's Chapel, ca 1735. John Carroll was born 8 Jan 1735 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, a short distance from the Boone's Chapel and present day Rosaryville, Maryland.

Archbiship John Carroll was instrumental in religious issues during the pre-revolutionary years and perhaps the 6th Amendment, sec. 3 to the US Constitution. John Carroll is credited to writing the "An Address to the Roman Catholics of the United States of North America" published 1784 in Annapolis, Maryland as the first Catholic work written by an American Catholic published in the USA.

Fr. John Carroll was the first bishop of the hierarchy of the USA. He was appointed as a bishop 6 Nov 1789 by Pope Pius VI, consecreated 15 Aug 1790 in England, and returned to Baltimore 7 Dec 1790 and celebrated his first Mass in the USA as a consecrated bishop.

Archbishop John Carroll was also the founder of Georgetown (College) University.


* Across the Years - In Prince George's County, by Effie Gwynn Bowie (pg 345).
* Development of the Catholic Church in the District of Columbia from Colonial Times
  Until the Present, by Margaret Brent Downing, 21 Feb 1911.
* Arnold Livers Family in America, by Sister Mary Louise Donnelly, 1977.

My Great Great Grandparents:
 Ignatius Constantine Cissell
, born 1828 Washington, KY and died between 1880 and 1900 in Marion Co, KY.
Husband of Annie Eliza Forrest
Birthdate: circa 1839
Birthplace: Marion Co, KY
Death: Died 1880 in Marion Co, KY
Daughter of Dr. James Forrest and Ann Liza Abell

 (also married Cynthia Cambron)

 Father of Benjamin J. Cissell; Forrest Cissell; Constantine Cissell; Marion Cissell; Mary Isabelle Cecil; Monroe Cissell; Thomas Walter Cissell

Document records show:
1880 had 3 black servants living with him
1880 servants: Mary Edelen, age 35
1880 servants: Stephen McCauley, age 22
1880 servants: Allen Edelen, age 14

Event: Immigrated 1880 Census shows living in Marion Co, KY
Occupation: 1880 Farmer and Distiller

My Great Grandfather Benjamin Joseph Cecil
Birthdate: 1880
Birthplace: KY
Death: 1956 Alameda, California
Son of Ignatius Constantine Cissell and Ann Eliza Forrest

 U.S., World War I Draft Registration Card Records show he was drafted 1917-1918.
Occupation says he was a Pipe Fitter.  Records show he died Alamda, CA, age 76 May 19th, 1956).

- My Grandmother Estelle' L. Cecil
Born in 1907 Kentucky, and died at age 45 in Oakland, Alameda, CA.

She married my Grandfather Russell George Baker Sr. who died while my father was a young boy. She remarried Ed Holland .

Children of Estelle and Russell George Sr.:  Russell George Jr. and Doris Baker

My Father: Russell G. Baker, Jr born  in Oakland, Alameda, CA in 1931 and died in 1999.

Married my Mother: Norma Jean Welsh born in Lakeport, Lake County, CA.

 Children: Russell George III , John Denis , Judith Ann

- Judith Ann - Born July 1953:  Three daughters and Grandmother to 3 granddaughters, 2 grandsons and 1 great granddaughter and 1 great grandson, plus a new great grandson coming in Dec. 2021.

Interesting to note (a personal ‘Wow’ that I discovered in more recent years):

On the 207th day of the year in 1953, on the seventh month of that year, and the 26th day of that July (on my side of the world, yet the 27th on the other side of the world) ... it was on a Sunday (the seventh day of the week for some, yet the 1st day to others) when the a Full Moon was Eclipsed by a Total Lunar event, sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon for its red color.

They are known to be rare with only one out of three lunar eclipses being total.

It was a moment in history when the moon passed directly through the center of earths’ shadow, a natural cycle of our Universe.

Astrological calculators reveal it was the Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Twentieth Century and will not occur again at that length of time until November 4th, 2264.

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